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Saedinenie blv. 200

Mobile: 359 888 291491
Telephone: 359 359 59976
Fax: 359 359 59976
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Rooms: 19
Beds: 40

Prices per person from 20 to 35 levs



Family Hotel Magi, which is located in Velingrad, has a unique situation - it is in the city center on the one hand, and on the other hand - 20m of the pine park. There is fresh air all around the city, and the climate gives a good opportunity to relax during the whole seasons of the year.

Services provided in the complex

Services provided in the rooms

Map - GPS Coordinates: 42.02728,23.99649 (Site is not responsible for the accuracy of the coordinates)

 Via Trayana 

 Hotel Via Trayana  Hotel Via Trayana  Hotel Via Trayana 
 Hotel Via Trayana 

 гр. Troyan
 Prices per person from 20 to 100 levs


 Villa VilaRuslana 
 Villa VilaRuslana 

 к.к. Sv. Sv. Konstantin i Elena
 Prices per person from 10 to 10 levs

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