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village of Tipchenitsa

Mobile: 0894770337
Telephone: 3599124230
Fax: 3599124230
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Rooms: 22
Beds: 49

Prices per person from 18 to 25 levs



Family hotel "Lipite" is framed up on the old school of Village Tipchenitsa, decayed, but still had the spirit of the old time and the memories of a past, fraught with childhood brouhaha. Today on that place is framed up a fourth - floor building, as the entire structure is set, original stone walls on the first floor suggest not only the former school, raised in 1840, its distinguishing feature that the new life has stepped on strong patten. Village Tipchenica is located at the foothills on the north - west mountain “Stara Planina” . Interesting showplace is the cell school - knit in 1854.

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