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Telephone: 0887226423
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Rooms: 3

Prices per person from 12 to 12 levs



Hashove in the village Muselievo 35 km from the town of Pleven and 12 km from the town. Nikopol.Predlagame boat on the Danube where we have a mini recreation facilities on the River Dunav.Na 50 meters from the complex is located river Osam. # The complex has a functioning mill, a tavern with 40 seats, # Barbecue and summer gradina.Mehanata with outdoor fireplace and staff. # Prepare Bulgarian national dishes, homemade pies and piti.V complex there with 3 rooms for sleeping. # The complex also has a pond for fishing.

Services provided in the complex

Services provided in the rooms

Map - GPS Coordinates: 43.62813,24.851912 (Site is not responsible for the accuracy of the coordinates)


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