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Iv. Kalchev №6

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Rooms: 3

Prices per person from 11 to 19 levs



Villa Tiana is located in the town of Byala, Varna region. The town is situated in the southernmost point of the province, at the foot of the mountain Stara Planina, 6 km to the north of Obzor and 35 km to the north of Sunny Beach - one of the biggest Bulgarian seaside resorts. Byala is a small and peaceful town, plenty of fresh air, the climate is mild, and the beach is wide and long. In close vicinity of Byala there are several sand beaches, two of which are still virgin - Kara Dere and Old River. The port of Byala is located at the southern skirt of the town and there you can find and buy fresh sea gifts from the local fishermen. The water-slide built on natural ground is a great entertainment not only for children but also for their parents. Villa Tiana is settled in a small central street, on a calm and peaceful place near the center of the town, and it is at about 500 m from the beach. The house has 350 sq. m own yard and also a parking lot. The rated capacity is 7 persons. Welcome to Villa Tiana and enjoy the cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the small and peaceful town of Byala

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