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Mobile: 0888275918
Telephone: 062601370
Fax: 062601370
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Rooms: 11
Beds: 26

Prices per person from 45 to 50 levs


Services provided in the complex

Services provided in the rooms

Map - GPS Coordinates: 43.119029,25.602608 (Site is not responsible for the accuracy of the coordinates)

 Aparthotel Elit 3 

 Apartment Aparthotel Elit 3  Apartment Aparthotel Elit 3  Apartment Aparthotel Elit 3 
 Apartment Aparthotel Elit 3 

 к.к. Slanchev bryag
 Prices per person from 10 to 20 levs


 Hotel Astoriya  Hotel Astoriya 
 Hotel Astoriya 

 гр. Burgas
 Prices per person from 55 to 70 levs

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